Oct. 2 Highlights

YAY! We had the floors finished this week and what an awesome sight it was to see everybody standing on them. You don’t appreciate things until you don’t have them! Thanks to Rain City Companies for great work and such funny to guys to work with. We spent a month with them side by side and truly loved the experience!

Rip it out and they will come…guess it’s true. One of our highest attendances ever this week and again they wouldn’t have fit with the old bar.

This might be my favorite quote yet:
I am totally loving my new church: North Creek Church! It’s the kind of place where Jesus doesn’t stay pinned to the wall on a couple of sticks.

Also liked this one from Facebook:
My Pastor can really sing… who knew? : )

That’s so funny! Mark helped the worship team sing Amazing Grace at the end of the service. Yes, it’s really a pastor that can belt out a tune without scaring away the Holy Spirit….HA HA HA! Little known fact: Mark sang to me on our wedding day!

We now have almost full kids classes. What’s our plan? Well, believe it or not, the building behind us was once a place for kids when the previous church was here. With renovation, it could be a spacious, secure kid’s area for our ever-expanding crew. We will continue to raise funds for 19 Cents of Faith and tackle that mountain next! Anything for seats…

I have REALLY been enjoying getting to know some of our new families. It’s always nice to have new faces around and find out about them. People are so interesting and each one adds a new layer to our church family! Welcome and jump in with both feet!

We are going to just keep going on the fix-ups and we’ll tackle most of the nursing mom’s room this week. It’s mostly cosmetic changes, but we are adding a video feed so our mom’s can watch the service. That will be a nice upgrade!

Mark spoke on the grace of God. What a gift we have been given! If we can just keep His unconditional love for us in focus, everything we do and say would be in alignment with His heart.

On that note, I’ve been praying that God would take what North Creek Church hears and turn it into action. We are accountable for what we know is right and it breaks my heart when people settle for excuses rather than God’s best. Just a thought…

Live right, live well! Have a great week!

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