Small Group Success!

We are in the middle of launching all of our small groups! This week is always filled with nervous anticipation as I imagine anxious people piling into houses all over Vancouver. We are all hoping for the same thing: a place to grow and find relationship…and not be in an extremely awkward situation.

So far our groups are a major success! We rolled out some of our best options ever and have seen the fruit of that. We have more people signed up for this semester than ever before. In fact, if you add in the kid’s small groups from Sundays and the youth from Thursday nights, we actually have more people signed up for groups than our average attendance on Sunday mornings.

We did have a computer glitch for a brief time, so if you think you signed up for a group, but haven’t been contacted, please email Amy at right away! We’ll get you quickly plugged in to the right group!

I also wanted to give a shout out to Amy Day on her first official launch of small groups as our Small Groups Director. She fits into our team perfectly and we’ve loved the addition of her bright smile and sweet spirit. She’s a sharp woman who pulled together a great list of leaders and groups!

On another note, I want to encourage you to get the most out of your group! I’ve often found that some of my favorite people were not the ones I would have initially thought would be great friendships. Just keep going and dive into people’s lives…I guarantee you’ll find lots of treasures! Our small groups are not designed for you to sit and be fed, but rather for everybody to take an active role in each other’s lives and therefore grow together. Pour yourself out and watch God fill you up!

Many blessings on this semester!

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