Sept. 25 Highlights

HAPPY 5th Anniversary, Sweet Church! I succeeded in holding it together for the most part of the day, but I’m on the edge of an emotional mess! This church just signifies so much in my life, it’s hard to explain. It’s a reflection of so much growth that God has done in my heart and I am SO grateful for it. So grateful.

The Hip Hop Dancers opened our service! Super awesome! They attend our church, as well as dance all over the place. Find Marc Roy on Facebook and connect with him about classes. He teaches all ages and he’s an all-around GREAT guy!

We wouldn’t have had enough room today if we had the bar. Don’t hold on to what you think is important, because it will cost you what is really important…

We have the most amazing team on the planet! Six of us preached yesterday and I would put that bunch up against anyone. They are anointed, strong, confident, humble, and unified. Our team as a collective whole are on the same mission and united in a friendship that is TIGHT. I don’t underestimate that the strength of our church is a reflection of the unity that flows from our team.

We have fought for five years to form the culture of our church. I am grateful for the battles because years later we have what I want to see in a church. We have drawn lines about everything from bulletin boards (I hate them) to gossip and division. Pastors – don’t be afraid to draw the line on little things and big things in order to mold your church into what you want it to be. That’s your job.

Small Groups kickoff this week! Some groups are closed and all groups are getting full, so sign up NOW! Someone offered a full scholarship to Financial Peace, so if money is holding you back from getting healthy about money, email me today at and you can have the scholarship. Don’t you dare think, “Oh, I’ll let someone else have it.” If 10 people email me, we’ll figure it out. It’s important!

Now that we’ve made room in the auditorium, the kid’s classes are getting too full…maybe we should renovate!!! I’ll think about that tomorrow. Today I am relaxing and drinking coffee while the floors at the church get done.

Thanks to the Newells and the Steinmanns for tying bows on hundreds of Take5 Candy Bars! YUMMY!

Didn’t the parking lot look MUCH better this weekend? The landscaping got cleaned up, we got some arrows on the pavement for traffic, and the parking lot got blown, swept, and washed. One step towards the finished product!

We shared LOTS of Stories of Changed Lives yesterday. Jesus makes things different! That’s what it’s all about! Here’s to another five years of watching Him do amazing work!

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