October 12 Coffee Church Highlights

Sunday was a fun day!  🙂  Our series Risky Business is on it’s way out after some great messages and our new series based on the book of Mark is on it’s way in!  Brace yourselves…it’s going to be a good one!

The other awesome news:  All of our Bible Growth Groups on the book of Mark are in full swing!  We could not be more excited about the fact that 100 people in our church are studying the Bible side by side.  We’ve already heard stories of people opening the Bible for the first time, a couple buying matching Bibles so they can read the same version, people being impacted by the truth they are reading, and changing habits based on the first nine chapters in Mark.  The Bible is LIVING AND ACTIVE.  It literally changes the fabric of who we are when we read.  I am not surprised that we are seeing a quick impact.  The best news:  it’s also a lasting impact!

If you’d like to jump in and study on your own, it is definitely not too late.  I ordered more study guides and they just arrived.  You can email me at stacy@coffeechurch.com to get one!  They are $10 and you can pay online or drop a check in the Giving Box.

We are in need of more Tiny Town volunteers.  We have a young church which comes with lots of toddlers!  Such a gift and such a responsibility!  If you would be interested in working once every four weeks you can sign up online at www.coffeechurch.com.  Another option is to offer to volunteer a few times a year.  We welcome people to be scheduled sporadically and help alongside our key teachers.  You will need a background check on file, even if you only serve every so often, but it is such a blessing to have extra hands.

Did you know we have about a dozen babies born at our church every year?  Happy marriages and tired mommies and daddies!

As we have been praying, a common theme in our hearts is obedience.  I’ve just really been impressed that we cannot separate the beautiful grace of God from a true repentant heart.  We just simply can’t appreciate grace without turning from our sin.  Anything less than brokenness before our God in the face of our sin is just not adequate!  Repentance is not just knowing what we did is wrong, but going the opposite direction of that sin.  Definitely something to study the Bible about!

My other prayer for our church as we read the Bible is to be given a deep wisdom.  The Bible says if you lack wisdom to pray for it and God will bless you!  Make that your personal prayer for yourself!  I would rather have the world full of wisdom than any other trait.

I still believe we can change the world.  It’s not too corrupt, it’s not too far gone, and it’s not out of God’s hands.

Be blessed!




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