October 2/3 Highlights

This weekend was a great one…it was our highest attendance ever of a “normal” weekend. Normal around here means, it’s not Easter, Christmas, and we’re not throwing a party for ourselves…

We are blessed with awesome volunteers who don’t just fill a role, but they LEAD people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by their servant’s hearts, their attitudes, and their love for God.

Mark preached on stress being the alternative to a life of trusting in God. Quite the convicting concept, if you think about it. In America we specialize in stress, but it’s just simply not the way that God intended us to function on a daily basis.

Our Little Adventurer’s memory verse of the week is “I praise you because you made me wonderful!” It’s the simplified version of Psalm 139, and there is nothing cuter than watching a toddler do the motions to it!

There is nothing more fun in ministry than showing a person how to read the Bible. Pete got to teach someone in Starting Point yesterday and he was so excited! It’s giving someone the key to a life of adventure and godliness. If you aren’t reading your Bible, give it a try.

We spent $2000 renovating the kitchen to make more room for toddlers. Yesterday, when I walked into the 10:30 am class, I was convinced that it was money well spent. Plenty of kids, plenty of room, plenty of leaders, and plenty of crayons! What more do you need??? Consider giving a little extra this month to help cover the cost of those renovations. It comes out of our facility fund, which also helps pay the rent, and we are big fans of paying the rent.

Also, we rearranged the Great Adventurer’s room as well to make it so that guests can walk into the back of the room rather than in front of everybody. It’s hard to walk into a room where everybody is looking at you! The new orientation and upgraded sound booth were great this weekend!

We are currently searching for some key leadership people to fill some roles: more worship leaders, a volunteer coordinator, and an administrator to keep our creative types in line. These all currently pay in coffee, but eventually would work into stipends or salaries. If you love Jesus, are a high caliber leader, have some free time, and enjoy taking risks (’cause that’s how we roll), let’s start a conversation! Email Mark at mark@coffeechurch.com.

It’s fun following Jesus. Wonder where He’ll take us this week…

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