October 25

Church highlights!

I walked into the Great Adventurer’s class today to count, since our beloved usher, Ivan, was out of town. I stopped in my tracks and started crying when I saw my 5 year old helping to lead worship. She’s really shy, so to see her up there was awesome. Thank God for a church that lets my little girl experience serving and leading RIGHT now. I want her to “own” her church, ministry, and her relationship with Jesus.

Rachel Torres was in the highlight video this week talking about her private disciplines. I love that woman. Her discipline of reading her Bible daily has given her a peaceful spirit, wisdom, and a voice in my life. A habit of being in the Word really makes a difference when you look cummulatively at one’s life.

Marcus did an excellent job with worship today. I love his heart and his loyalty to our church family. He is a partner in ministry and in each of our journeys with Jesus.

Helen was back at church this week after surgery. She was in a wheelchair, but she wanted to be with her church family so bad that she went above and beyond the call of duty. We all need to get that spirit in our hearts!

Last week I verbally filed a complaint with Kris while we were at church. I did it out of frustration and have now apologized. Why am I including this in my highlights? Because I was reminded that our unspoken rule at North Creek is not to complain or dive into issues on Sunday mornings. We all get to come and not walk around in fear that the bomb will be dropped in our lives at any minute. It’s been my favorite part of our church and I treasure it. So, no complaining at church. If you see something that needs to be addressed, email or call the appropriate person on another day. Sunday is about loving our church family and Jesus. Back off! Every church should have that rule.

Go on the journey of faith with someone. Sometimes we write people off too quickly when they struggle. If their marriage is going through a rough patch, if they experience a death, if they are questioning or doubting, go through it with them. The reward of seeing God work in their lives is a great one.

Board meeeting tonight. Great people who love Jesus putting their heads together to make sure this ship sails smoothly. Gotta love ’em!

Ahhhh…another week ahead of us to make a little dent in the world. Grab ahold of life with great excitement!

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