The Song in Your Head

I read a great quote today: It’s impossible to listen to a song and sing another one. What destructive thoughts are you holding that keep you from hearing words of life?

What an amazing picture! Whatever is playing over and over again in your head is the only song that you can “play” in your life. Some of us forget what God says about us and the song that plays is one of pity, failure, and our short-comings. I serve a God who bestows power and goes before us in our struggles. That’s quite a different song to be heard!

In this day and age changing the literal song is as simple as pushing a button on the ipod. However, in the spiritual realm, changing your song is done by filling your heart with the Word of God. Open the Bible daily and watch the song in your head begin to change from what the world fills it with to something much more victorious and Christ-like.

Enjoy the journey.

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