October 28 Coffee Church Highlights

I hope this week is one filled with the grace of God in your life.

Since my last blog another school shooting has been written into our history.  And again, the tragedy falls upon Washington state.  I know you’ve been praying for the families involved, but would you add The Grove Church (as well as all churches in Marysville, really!) to your prayer list?  Our long-time comrades in ministry pastor there and they are definitely on the front lines this week.  Out of all of the conversations we get to have this week, none compare to the difficult ones they are facing.

School shootings have a way of making me so angry at the devil.  He is taking our kids with a violence that is earth shaking.  It makes me get up in the morning with a new sense of determination, prayer, and disgust for all things that defile Jesus’ name.  Would you do me a favor as a Christian?  Live well.  Live with discipline, on your faces before Jesus, in boldness, with unrelenting spirits founded in Christ.  Our youth just desperately need godly parents.  They need examples.  They need to know that Jesus changes things.  They need to see that in us.  Shed off that sin you are STILL dealing with and become the leader that the generation under you needs you to be.

On that note, Sunday we dove into the book of Mark in our current series His Name Is.  Such good stuff as we wade through Mark!  I am so proud of North Creek for stepping up and taking the challenge of Bible study this semester of growth groups.  We are hearing so many good stories coming out of it and we know there will be more.  He is at work within us!

I’m also very encouraged because I see people taking steps of obedience in their lives.  I KNOW God is going to show up in the midst of these stories with a power that is amazing and, dare I say….EPIC!  It’s going to be so good!

We need new volunteers!  We are especially looking for people who want to work with toddlers once a month.  Our Tiny Town is bursting at the seams…young church problems…and we need more people to block the entrances.  Just kidding.  We need people who believe that pouring the Bible stories into the youngest of our kids will develop a love for Jesus in their hearts!  Is that you?  Sign up at www.coffeechurch.com on our volunteer page.

We could also use some more musicians on the worship team.  I offered my skills, but apparently taking a few piano lessons 30 years ago didn’t make the cut…. If you have more ability than that, fill out a volunteer app as well!

Well, the only way to change the world is to change yourself, so go do that.  Give, serve, speak, read, laugh, love….DO something that looks a lot like Jesus!


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