Opening Day

OPENING DAY!  It went off without a hitch!  Of course we have small adjustments to make, but overall we had a great morning!  We had our highest attendance ever, people came early and stayed late to chat…it was FUN.  No setting up and tearing down was just incredible!  Here are some pictures of our new home.

Our awesome youth group…Jeff and Angela are busting out of their room on Day 1!september-1291

Our super cute little nurseryseptember-097

Little Adventurer’s Room for our toddlersseptember-104

Super cool Kid’s Stage and Kim’s RED walls! kids-room

Our coffee bar…part of it!  We transformed a night club, so we have more bar than we will EVER need!coffee

Our awesome stage!september-120

Our foyer…our graphics team is the best!september-093

And of course, here’s a picture of Mark’s eyepatch.  He scratched his eyeball and had to go to the hospital. september-099

THANK YOU, Jesus!  I’m smart enough to know that You got us into this building all by Yourself. 

  1. Michelle said:

    WOW Stacy! It looks great!! I can’t wait to see it and EXPERIENCE it when were there for Christmas!! What a transformation! Now go rest =o)

  2. Jamie said:

    UH-FLIPPIN-MAZING! Not what I expected at all, its so much better. After hearing all of the stories about the mess you guys had to deal with, I am just so impressed with how great, and how personal you have made your new building. I feel like stepping into that picture of the coffee bar and getting myself a cup 🙂 Congratulations you guys!

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