Life has been so crazy for the last two months, but just 24 hours after we enjoyed our first church service, Mark and I were headed for a much needed vacation.  As I sat in the car for 10 hours on the way to Montana, it was nice to sleep and download the massive mental undertaking we just went through.  I am grateful for the slow pace of the Big Sky Country and the opportunity to do nothing!

Mark and I are usually good at pacing ourselves in ministry and making our home a priority.  Needless to say, the last 8 weeks were definitely the exception to our rules!  It is nice to make playdoh pies with my girls again and watch a movie with Mark.  Family is more important than ministry and I missed the balance that we fight so hard to have. 

I love my life and I love how God is using this ministry in our community.  It is such a gift to have the time to reflect on that and to have peace again.  Thank you to everybody who worked so hard to get the building done in time for us to get away.  We hope that your Thanksgiving week is as restful and reflective as ours!

  1. Janna Wold said:

    I have been reading all your blogs. God has defintley blessed you with a Awesome church building! Congrats!

  2. Jamie said:

    Enjoy some much needed rest 🙂 We are glad all of your pastors and leadership are finally getting some much needed down time. You’ve earned it!

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