From Kris…


In honor of the Thanksgiving feast we’ve all had recently…Pastor Mark tells the story of a little kid with a smushed up bologna sandwich that he has for lunch.  An elderly lady invites him instead to come join her big table full of turkey, ham, and all the trimmings.  The little boy refuses to and holds on to his sandwich even tighter.  “No!”  He says to her, “You just want my bologna sandwich and I’m not going to let you have it!”


It’s a story that reminds us that God doesn’t want to take parts of our lives away, He wants to give us abundant life.  He wants to share His feast, not take our pitiful bologna sandwich.  God doesn’t want to take life from you, but to give life to you.  He’s not about giving rules and do’s and don’ts, He’s about having a relationship. 


I hope that your Thanksgiving memories are ones of delight in God’s goodness! 

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