Pastoral Poker

Our church is some sort of entity that I cannot wrap my brain around…After a lot of converstaions and prayer, this week our youth pastor (Jeff) became our media/creativity director, our small groups pastor (Kris) became our youth pastor, and I became our small groups pastor.  (You may need a diagram to get that straight.)  And everybody did that by choice…I’m pretty sure that our staff put all of their jobs in some sort of a poker match and came out with new ones…I mean, that’s just strange.

As I called some of our key leaders this week to explain all the changes, someone commented, “What?  Did they just get bored with their current jobs?”  Not really.  But just as with anybody else, you grow and change and God puts new things on your heart.  When that happens in most churches, you turn in your resignation letter.  But what if you love the vision and heart of where you’re at and just want to do something different for the next season of your ministry?  Well, at North Creek, you do just that.  So although it seems a little odd, maybe that’s because it’s a symbol of health?  Maybe it gives people the opportunity to invest into a church long term and continue to dream new dreams…

So, as I embark on my new ministry, I do so with fresh excitement and direction.  I look forward to working with our small group leaders.  I look forward to watching all of our ministries grow and change under new leadership.  As always, I’m just one of God’s chess pieces and it’s His game.

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