From Kris

Here’s Kris’ perspective of our recent staff changes:

I am one of the chess pieces Stacy speaks about.  I was the small groups pastor and I loved it.  I loved my small group leaders. I loved encouraging them, I loved challenging them and I loved watching them grow.  I loved creating a ministry out of nothingness and watching it become reality over 3 years time.  I loved watching God hand pick new leaders and drop them at my door.  I loved watching new families have a small group to go to because my small group leaders had enough vision to multiply even when they didn’t feel like it.  I was the small groups pastor and I loved it.

But all the while there was a tugging on my heart….and many of you heard me say it audibly…”I love teenagers” I would say.  And I meant it.  I love their hearts and I love their potential and I love their clothes and their music and their language.  I love teenagers.  I think they can absolutely change the world.  There is potential so powerful in them that it would make you shake if you took a minute to truly see it. And now I get to show them what I really think of them.  I get to help them see what God sees.  I get to challenge them to Live Beyond Normal.  All because I am on a church staff that sees the big picture and puts value on who we are and not just what we do.  Thank you, Mark and Stacy, for letting the chess pieces move around.  Thank you for letting me continue to say, “I love teenagers”.

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