You’re Greatest Strength is Also Your Greatest Weakness

It’s so ironic to me that the very things that we are best at are also the things that cause us the greatest trouble. For instance, when I was a kid I had a lot of the same leadership gifts that I do now, but in 4th grade, that’s not a good thing. I painfully recall the word “Bossy” was used a lot back then when referencing my personality. Now I’m a “Leader” or “Administrative”. Nothing changed except the circumstances of where and who I was allowed to “boss” around.

That plays out in so many ways in our church as we navigate people’s gifts and where they fit best. We have an amazing system of volunteers and some people walk through the doors already knowing where they will excel. Others walk through the door and have no idea if they even want to fit in, let alone where they will fit!

And it’s those people who make the adventure of church planting the most fun! What looks like a weakness may actually make them perfect for a particular ministry. That’s true for the opposite as well…what looks like a strength may actually hurt a ministry significantly.

Mark and I spend a lot of time navigating where people are truly at their best. We really believe that everyone is GREAT somewhere. Even if they fail miserably, that doesn’t mean anything more than the fact that they are “misplaced” in the Kingdom of God. Maybe that’s why Mark and I continue to believe in people time and time again. Because God put in everybody something that allows them to shine.

I love our church because people have the ability to navigate their strengths and weaknesses and find out where they will thrive. The journey is sometimes frustrating, but the destination is worth the work!

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