Portals of Purpose

All throughout our ministry we’ve had these “seasons” where interesting things seem to happen to us at times that are too perfect to be just coincidence. Honestly these seasons confirm in my heart that we are doing what we need to be doing when we are doing it. It’s a bit spooky for me, but nonetheless, I appreciate God using these strange things to keep us focused.

Yesterday’s blog about the Scriptures written on the ground was one of those portals into the past that showed us a glimpse of God’s purpose. But the story doesn’t stop there…in fact, this story seems to be getting stranger by the moment.

The morning after I saw those precious words on the floor, I was thinking about the people who wrote them, what the church was thinking, feeling, and doing at the time, and where these people are now. As I was brushing my teeth, I said, “God, would you bring someone who knows the story to us? It’s been three years and we’ve never met anyone who ever attended church in our building years ago. I would love to share with them what we found.”

Hours later two men walked into our building. No, I’m not kidding…these two men grew up going to church in this old place, are now on staff at the same church together, and they remember when the writing was put on the floor. They told stories of their pastor pouring blood, sweat, and tears into this place to get it ready for a church. They pointed out where the nursing mom’s room used to be and how it was all laid out years ago. They remember when the stage was built. They were a part of the families that prayed over this property. And there they were…standing in our freshly demolished auditorium speaking to the latest pastor who was pouring blood, sweat, and tears into this place.

It was yet another portal into God’s purpose! How is it possible that 24 hours after the Scripture is uncovered that the people who were there when it was written suddenly show up? My blog wasn’t even written before they came! It was one of those God-ordained “coincidences” that stops you in your tracks.

I’m not even going to try and guess what God is trying to tell us other than, “Aren’t I so awesome?” And you know what, that’s enough for me!

I wonder who is going to walk through the doors next?

  1. Alvina Newell said:

    Goosebumps!!! Shiver!!!

  2. Rachael said:

    That was awesome! Goosebumps again! So cool! I seriously love how God is working. He is reminding me this week how He is in control of everything even the tiny details. What a great story to be a part of!

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