Sept. 4 Highlights

Oh my goodness! What a weekend!

First of all, our people are remarkable. Seven days ago we ripped our auditorium from end to end. The flooring guys from Rain City Construction worked painstakingly ALL week to get those floors up for church on Sunday. On Friday night we came in to a wet, raw concrete floor with dust EVERYWHERE. We had teams of people mopping, cleaning, painting, setting up sound, chairs, and coffee. There was a couple of times when I doubted we could make it. But we did! Church on Sunday was in a semi-construction zone, but the floor was clean, the ceiling was painted, and the kids classes were fully functioning. Coffee was brewing on a couple of folding tables and we had a GREAT service. All is well at the Coffee Church.

Speaking of our service…wow! We often take weeks out just to thank God for what He is doing in the hearts and lives of people. Labor Day weekend has become a traditional one to look back over the summer and remember summer camps, missions trips, baptisms, small groups, and the journey of faith for our building. LOTS of tears were shed yesterday at God’s goodness.

Kylie Gray and Lexi Torres, both junior high girls, shared five minutes sermons that they preached on the missions trips…yikes, what amazing young women! I’ve known Kylie since she was still in diapers (sorry, Kylie!), so to see her up there preaching a strong, eloquent message sent me to tears with a quivering lip. Rachael Yonko was equally messed up!

Most amusing part of yesterday: Chris came to tell me how excited he was that he adjusted the door on the toddler room so it didn’t shut so hard. Literally 10 minutes later Faith, a two year old in our class, came busting through that door with the loudest squeal of excitement I’ve ever heard right into our main auditorium! She had never been able to open that door before and was delighted by her new-found freedom! Needless to say, we now get to figure out how to re-adjust the door so that it shuts well, but doesn’t allow our young ones the opportunity to escape.

Speaking of Chris…He and Matt deserve a medal for painting the ceiling. Now there is a back breaking, awful job! But it’s done, it’s a nice chocolate color, and we can move on to more exciting things. Thanks for your sacrifice!t

Speaking of Matt…he was faced with the difficult task of reassembling the worship stuff, having a set ready, and being prepared for the issues we were sure to have. I was slightly worried, with good reason, but it was a BEAUTIFUL time with Jesus. I found out later that they played through crackling ear buds from some wrong connection and a broken string on a guitar. I didn’t know how crazy it was up there until after they got off the stage!

On the way to church on Sunday morning, I was thinking about how tired I was from all the work, but then I thought, “I WANT to be tired if I’m working for Jesus. I want to give it all I have knowing that people are going to hear about HIM today.” So, for all of you tired volunteers…at least you’re tired for Christ!

Kim, our Kid’s Pastor, taught the Fruits of the Spirit by making fruit smoothies…LOVE THAT! I really want my kids to LOVE church and creativity is a win!

So many happy tears in my eyes this weekend! Great God, great friends, great church…

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