Prayer Retreat

Mark is currently gone on a prayer retreat/personal growth trip! This time he went to Seattle, stayed in hotel, and had one agenda: allowing God to speak to him. It’s a pretty simple concept, but one that is imperative to his leadership. He happened to partner this trip with a second day hanging out with our friend/mentor, Troy Jones, for his staff meeting and lunch. I look forward to getting him back and hearing about what God has done in his heart and spirit.

I am grateful for a pastor that takes time to hear from God, away from the buzz of internet and television, but I was also thinking that this is a good discipline for all of us. As we lead our kids, our marriages, our lives, it is important that we all hear from God. What would your life be like if you planned just ONE day away from everything once a year? A day to ask God what He would have for your life and those that you lead? A day to dream again for the desires that He has placed in your heart? A day to forgive, repent, or grieve with Jesus.

So that’s my challenge for the day: schedule a prayer retreat for yourself. Even if you just stay at a hotel around the corner from your house, it can be all that you need! Turn off the internet, the TV, and let the kids fend for themselves! You are valuable to God and He has something to say to you.

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  1. Vanessa T. said:

    So cool he is doing this! Prayer retreats are wonderful and I need to schedule one too.

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