Sept. 11/12 Highlights

Here’s my highlights for the weekend:

Since it was Sept. 11, I wanted to take the time to remember those who were lost nine years ago and our military men who still fight daily for our freedom. We live in a great country!

Mark spoke on community in the context of small groups. Our small groups are kicking off on Sept. 19 and they are going to be wonderful! Sign up now at by clicking on the Ministries>Small Groups link. The sooner you sign up the better so that we can make adjustments as needed!

It was our first real weekend in the new Little Adventurers/Nursery area. Very fun to be in a new space with some definite perks over the “old” digs. We still have some detail work to do, but it’s clean, safe, and ready to go!

We had our fourth highest attendance today! Bring on the people! So much fun to be in a growing church and all the more reason to get involved in a small group.

The Calibrate Conference asked us to make a highlight video of our church plant, so Chris was walking around taping people all weekend. It was pretty funny to watch people cringe as the camera came by! If you didn’t notice him…be very afraid! You might just be on the big screen in front of over a thousand leaders/pastors!

BABIES! There were six infants at the 10:30 service…all born in the last few months! The twins are out of the ICU and were at church today. We are so glad that they are home and ready to change the world!

If you are interested in working in the nursery, go to our website and fill out a volunteer application. Apparently we will never have enough workers to keep up with them all! Two of the babies were in the new nursery room at 10:30 am. It was peaceful, quiet, and such a nice place to be. This week sound and video will be wired in to allow our workers to watch the service and hold the babies!

We are gearing up for our big celebration service on Sept. 25/26. It is our 4 year anniversary as a church and we couldn’t be more ready to celebrate! On one hand it’s hard to believe we are only 4 years old and on the other hand it seems like we have been at this forever! Can’t wait to be 4!

Have a fabulous week!

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