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With all of the growth that we have experienced this summer, the weight of ministry is getting heavier! We need to delegate some responsibilities to lighten the load! If you are interested in something, let me know:

Volunteer Coordinator: Put together the monthly volunteer schedule and find replacements as needed. Send reminder emails and process new volunteers. This job requires a “spaghetti” mind that keeps all sorts of details in line. It is one of the largest jobs that we have to give away and it is best for someone with free time and top notch people and administration skills. There is no group of people that we value more than our volunteers and we want them to feel LOVED!

Saturday Hosts: We need a team to rotate through getting the building ready for the weekend services. It would be best if this were two or three people so that one person doesn’t have to commit to every Saturday. Responsibilities include arriving at 5:00 on Saturdays, making coffee, sweeping, organizing the chairs, refilling Connect Cards/Giving envelopes, lighting candles, and straightening EVERYTHING to make it look orderly and neat.

Worship Team Babysitter: We need some people who are willing to come at 4:30 pm once a month on Saturdays to hold the babies during worship practice. There are at least two babies there now every week and moms/dads need some help.

Baptism Coordinator: 5+ times a year we do baptisms. We need a two person team to fill the tank, empty the tank, communicate to the baptism candidates all of the details that they need to know, and make sure they get their certificates.

Camera Man: Various times during the year we need someone to shoot videos for us. This is a random job…sometimes during services for baptisms and sometimes during events or for special purposes.

Saturday Night and Sunday Afternoon Lock Up: Love to sit around and wait for people to leave? Our kids don’t…we need someone who will graciously wait for people to clear out, while your pastoral staff goes home. People usually clear out about 45 minutes after each service.

Meal Coordinator: We use a great site… www.takethemameal.com. When we have a family in need of meals, we need someone to find out the pertinent information, set up a plan, and either contact the family’s small group or communicate to the church as a whole depending on the type of need. We probably have a need for this about 5-10 times a year.

Shopper: We are ALWAYS needing something…coffee, supplies from Cash and Carry, Party City, Walmart, etc. If you love to run errands and find deals, this job is for you!

We’ll come up with more things that need to get delegated, but this is a great start. If you are interested in one of these, please email me at stacy@coffeechurch.com and we’ll get the right people doing the right things!

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  1. Ellen Fox said:

    Okay,God answered my prayer. I can’t get into a small group,but I can hold babies,I can lock up on Saturdays,or come early on Saturdays to ready the church.

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