September 2 Coffee Church Highlights

Miracle.  That’s how we sum up this weekend.  God did a flat-out, unexpected, tear-producing, awe-inspiring miracle.  Here’s the story:

Vanessa is our children’s pastor at Battle Ground and her husband, Josiah, is on our teaching team.  (He preached at Hazel Dell a few weeks ago about the bike trip with his brother).  On Saturday night, Vanessa’s dad called us to say that Josiah’s brother had passed away in a drowing accident while in Canada. It was an especially devasting call because these two brothers both became fathers this summer.  We tried to grasp the reality of life for Nathan’s new son.  We were devasted for the whole family and began to call our team.  Just as we finished up the last of the phone calls, Vanessa called to let us know that Nathan was not officially pronounced dead yet.  Apparently in these type of situations, they let a certain amount of time pass before they declare death.  Nathan was on a ventilator, unconcious, and doctors had no hope that he would make it.  She basically called to say that there was room for one thing: a miracle.  So Christians across the globe began praying throughout the night.  At 6:30 am we got the text that Nathan was showing some response and they were planning to take the ventilator out later that morning to see how things went.  Our two churches prayed together at 10:00 am, 10:30 am, and 11:30 am.  At 1:00 pm I got the text that said, “He’s awake, he remembers his family, and is expected to make a full recovery.”  From death to life in the space of hours.

Here’s a photo of Nathan with his family.  Nathan – we praise God for you!


It has been a summer full of difficult situations for our staff.  The phone calls have often been devasting and sometimes the outcome has not been what we desired within our earthly perspective.  However, there is one thing we know: when God, in His sovereignty, chooses to heal, we give Him praise and when He doesn’t, we give Him praise.  Sometimes He glorifies Himself with life and sometimes He glorifies Himself in death.  Our lives can be used as a mighty tool for His glory if we will surrender it all to Him.

Not a bad highlight for the week, huh?  On another completely different, but celebratory note, it was Chris Harold’s 31st birthday yesterday!  Our team went over to his house for dinner and fun last night to surprise him.  I often look across the room at our team and thank God for them.  They are each a blessing!

All of our services were clicking away at full speed yesterday!  This might be the first Sunday since the merge that it started to “feel” like North Creek at both campuses.  When we merged, Battle Ground was clearly a fresh start, but also unexpectedly, Hazel Dell became a fresh start when 35 people jumped over to Battle Ground.  For a few months in there it felt like a redefining season that we were leading through.  Lately we feel like there is momentum to our vision on all fronts.  Hello Clark County, here we go!  I can’t really explain it, but as a pastor, you know when the spirit of your church is in alignment with the direction you have in your heart from God.

I’m totally past my word limit for the day, but to sum up Sunday: God is good.  It’s easy to say on the other side of a miracle, but we believed it just the same when we cried with Vanessa and Josiah when there was no earthly hope.  This week my challenge to you is to proclaim that goodness no matter what the circumstance!  Be blessed!



  1. Darby Stringer said:

    Thank you so much for sharing Nathan’s miracle. It is affirmation in our faith walk that He is capable of anything and everything, including overcoming death. Praying for Nathan’s recovery. The Stringers

    • You’re welcome! We are just so thankful that is the news we have to share!

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