Sometimes Passion is Better Than Perfection

Don’t tell anybody, but I am a big fan of Dancing with the Stars.  I’m faithful to my Monday show and the Tuesday night results show.  I look forward to watching the stars get better (and thinner) as the season wears on.  It’s not that I enjoy dancing at all, but rather the progression of people trying something new.

This year reality show star, Kim Kardashian, joined in the show.  She is beautiful, talented, and I thought she was a sure bet for doing pretty well at this type of genre.

And then she danced.  She had the look, she had the right dance partner, the music was great, the lights were perfect, but something was tragically missing!  Watching her was like watching someone just going through the moves.  She got all of the steps right, but the fire behind the task was not lit.  She lacked one thing that would have made it great…passion.

Kim Kardashian talked about having fun and loving the dresses, but it’s not about fun or the dress…it’s about the dance.  You’ve got to love the dance and stay focused on what you are doing.  It’s not just about doing something well or right…it’s about doing something that is so exciting that it gets you up in the morning.  It’s about passion.

That’s where some churches also go tragically wrong.  They make it about the perks and not the objective.  The objective is to love the world like Jesus did.  If we can remain passionate about the job set before us, no matter what mistakes we make in the dance, we remain interesting to our audience.

I wanted to scream at my television on Monday.  Kim looked perfect on the dance floor!  But the outward appearance didn’t translate into something enjoyable to partake in.  It was boring!  And it was no shock that this statuesque beauty was the second person voted off on Tuesday.  Even vain America would rather watch passion than beauty…

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