The Imperfect America

It is great to be a Christian in America.  I love the freedom that we have to lease ourselves a building, put up a big sign, and gather together to honor Jesus.  That is a right that I hold dearly!  We may be teased, but we are not persecuted for our faith.  We do not suffer to serve our King and for that I am grateful.

I am also keenly aware that the society we live in is flawed.  Government makes selfish decisions, politicians cheat and lie to protect their own interests, and trust should not be given easily to anybody in America.  As we are entrenched in the politics of getting a new president, it is easy to get confused and even disgusted by the candidates.

However, in all of this, one thing holds true.  Your vote is your right and it is precious.  In my opinion, no Christian should abstain from voting on election day.  We have our religious freedom because of the foundation of America.  The way we show our gratitude is to involve ourselves in the process of making our country better than it is. 

Tomorrow is the last day to register to vote in the 2008 election.  You can go to to get registered.  And then spend the next month educating yourself on what the candidates stand for…not just the Presidential ones, but all of them!  Line up their values to the Word of God…not just on the “hot” topics like abortion, but on topics like finances and healthcare.  God has a lot to say about money…and so do our candidates. 

And then pray for the people that get elected!  They need our prayer covering, not our criticism.  The Bible is full of leaders that God used both in their successes and their failures.  He’s still in control, so don’t be discouraged on November 4.  Whether “your” candidate gets into office or not, God’s candidate for the job will be elected. 

Vote and pray.  That’s our mandate and our right!  And I will continue to be a proud American who is working to make America better.

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