Sound vs. Rhythm

Sound is all around us. The noise of the freeway buzzes by, the wind in the trees, the meow of my cat. None of it is particularily beautiful or meaningful. It’s just noise.

And then there’s rhythm. The definition of rhythm is “sounds in a pattern”. What an interesting concept! The same sounds that are always around us, put into a pattern, becomes beautiful music.

I think that our Christian life is the same way. A pattern of obedience produces beautiful music. So often I see people sacrifice obedience for what “feels” good or what is just the easier road to travel. The problem with your life when you aren’t obedient – in EVERY area – is that you become just a bunch of random noise rather than beautiful music.

So, look around your world. If you are in distress, ask yourself what area or areas aren’t your being faithful in? Get yourself in alignment with what God wants from you and the noise will begin to turn into music.

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