Stop Standing on Dinner

So, I’m having one of those weeks. Wednesday night I made a homemade pizza and brownies for Chris and Gina, to help out with the new baby. Long story short, the brownies didn’t get cooked all the way, I was running late, and the kids were driving me nuts. Mark helped me wrap up the pizza in some foil and some towels to keep it hot and took it out to the car. He came back in to help with the way-too-gooey brownies and when he went back out to the car, there was Kennedy, standing on top of my towel-wrapped pizza.

How do you explain a pizza with a kid’s size 8 footprint in the middle?

It seems like life is just like that a lot, doesn’t it? You try your best and sometimes it’s just falls apart. It’s the feeling that is most difficult for me to deal with. I just want to do my best and have everybody happily eating pizza without a footprint in the middle and brownies that are perfectly baked on time.

However, it’s the imperfect things that create character, growth, and memories that deepen our relationships. In the long run, I will laugh 1000 times with Chris and Gina about their footprinted pizza. When Kennedy and Isaiah (their son) get married :), you better believe we’ll serve foot-shaped pizza at the wedding…OK, I’m a little ahead of myself, but really, sometimes our weaknesses become our favorite memories.

And just in case you need a meal…you might not want to ask your pastor’s wife.

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