Sundays are my FAVORITE day!

I love Sundays! So, I’m going to start a running list of things that happen every week at our church that make me smile. Pastors often times get a lot of the best stories and so I’ll pass them on as much as I can.

Starting Point ended today. We had about 8 people going through our curriculum for people who have questions about God. Angela Welk leads it. Amazing lady! Such a blessing to this ministry. Everybody who came out of that class has a deeper understanding of God. That’s cool! She already has 6 people interested in the next class. If you are new to Christ, be there.

I caught the end of a great conversation with Lee. God has amazing things in store for his life and he is a man who listens to the heart of God. My mother’s day sermon might just be for him. If you see him this week, let him know! 🙂

Jace, a two year old in our church, told me that he liked my earrings and my haircut. Seriously, that made my day. Who needs more verbal affirmation than that of a toddler?

I talked to a worship pastor who’s been at our church for the last couple of weeks. His wife handed me a CD. Talented guy with a positive attitude and great spirit! I love interacting with people who have been in ministry for a couple of decades. It energizes me!

We had 140 people at our church today…I’m pretty sure most of them were in the kid’s ministry. Mike led two packed out kid’s services for Kim. She was at her dad’s birthday party. Mike and Alecia rocked it! They are trustworthy leaders who do a great job at whatever they set their mind to!

Jeff preached today! Great intro and great conclusion. I’ll think back on several of those points this week. Catch his sermon on Really looking forward to see what God does with Jeff’s ministry in the next year!

Carissa ran sound in the kid’s ministry. Dani, Ali, and Olivia were in the preschool room. Jessica and Rachel were watching the staff kids and teaching them about trust. I love to see teens serve Christ.

I had 3 cups of coffee. In the words of Mark Batterson: Caffeine + Holy Spirit = Awesome. My limit is usually one cup a day.

I hope that you had a lovely Sunday as well. I hope that you like your church…especially if it’s North Creek! 🙂 I hope you get all giddy when you get to go and hang out with people that are all on a journey with Jesus Christ. I hope you share your excitement with somebody who needs to know Jesus as well!

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