Church planting is a lot like getting a tattoo…once you get one, you always want more. I find myself trying to figure out ways to start another extension of our church all of the time. Starting a 9:00 am service was cathartic for me, but just days after that launch, I was back to dreaming about a 12:00 pm service. Or maybe another campus? Or a Saturday night? Or? Or? Or?

My problem will always be timing. The dreams that God places on your heart aren’t always supposed to be immediate. Sometimes the voice of God speaks hundreds of years before the actuality of what He was saying. The goal is to find the balance between procrastination and wisdom. Some people wait so long to act on what God has told them that they forget what He even said in the first place. I’m the opposite. Once I get a vision for what direction God wants us to go…I’m going there…tomorrow. And then I tend to look around and say, “You’re all coming, right????” I know. It’s what you love about me and what drives you crazy.

The strange part over the last couple of years of ministry is that I seem to have surrounded myself with a lot of people who have the same gift/fault. I’ve been telling a few people my latest, craziest idea and they all seem to say, “Why not?” I keep waiting for the voice of reason to speak in the midst of insanity and say, “Let’s step back and think about this.”

That voice would be fine with me…but let’s not wait too long.

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