I am a very systems oriented person.  I like to know why and how we do everything.  Processes and rules help me to function best.  As we were setting up the systems (and still continue to in some cases) for North Creek, it was almost mind numbing!  How would people get involved in ministry?  What form would they fill out?  How about Membership?  Baptism?  Children’s check in?  What information would be in the bulletin and what events would we be providing?  The list of questions went on and on…..and on.

I thought a lot about systems this week as my daughter, Delaney, has been really sick.  For the first time in her life I had to take her to the doctor for her illness.  We went to the Urgent Care Clinic and got the meds that we needed.  However, after being at home for about seven hours, she continued a rapid and scary decline in her health.  I loaded her up and took her back to the clinic.  Surely there was something I missed!  Something else they could do to help my baby!  I walked in and told the lady at the desk my name.  She looked at my records and went and talked to the nurse.  The nurse took us back to an exam room and informed us that our insurance only lets us go to the Urgent Care Clinic once a day.  I could either take my child to the emergency room or back home.  So, we picked up Delaney, lethargic and barely able to lift her head, walked out with the nurse and passed the doctor on the way out the door.

A system, well thought out in intentions, left a sick child, just feet away from a doctor, who was unable to help.  It was eye opening and made me angry to the core of who I was.  It reminded me once again that systems are great and very much needed to function as a society and in our church.  However, systems need to have loopholes that include common consideration for the most important part of the system….people!

That’s what I want to keep in mind for North Creek.  Our systems are our strength, but not every situation is going to work into the ramifications of a person’s life.  It’s important to stick to the system as much as possible, but not at the sake of being inconsiderate and ridiculous to people.  As with everything in life, balance is best!  We’ve got to love people and boundaries!

  1. Rachael said:

    What you went through this week made me cry and also angry. I know I know systems and rules are there for a reason but how frustrating to be standing so close to a doctor who can not help you.
    I hope Delaney is well today and recovering.

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