Membership Orientation

Last night we had our first Membership Orientation of 2009!  It was an awesome event and reminded me once again why we do what we do.  There was such a diverse crowd.  We had a 21 year old man up to a grandma.  There were people who have long and rich church backgrounds and one man who read his Bible for the first time last week.  There was people that I’ve known for a very long time and those that are new to my life in the last few weeks.  I looked around the room and saw the unity that Jesus can bring to people.  Aside from the love of Christ, I’m not sure that such a group of people would find common ground, but inside the walls of our church, we gathered, ate, laughed, and learned together.

I am excited for new members of our church.  People who are committed to each other and to the growth of North Creek.  I am excited to find out what each person brings to the table and to watch God use their giftings and talents.  Each one is valuable for a different reason and each one is with us for a different purpose. 

Welcome!  We are glad to have you with us!


P.S.  Thank you to everyone who has asked about Delaney.  She is doing much better and went back to school today after a week off!

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