Welcome to our New President

What a day!  It has been fun to watch the exchange of power on television this morning.  We are blessed to be in a country that celebrates democracy.  We do not have violence and an overthrow of our government, but rather we give over authority and power with grace and dignity. 

My call to arms for all of us in America is to love, support, and pray for our President.  That doesn’t mean that we need to agree, but we do need to speak appropriately when we disagree.  The weight that Obama now carries is the heaviest in the world.  Let us not be so arrogant to speak poorly of the leader that God has placed before us.  As Christians, we should commit to pray for him and to make our communities the strongest that we can. 

We also have a responsibility to speak unwaveringly about what we believe.  Each of us speaking freely of our convictions in love and with respect is the heartbeat of our great country!  So, blessings to our new leader as we forge ahead in freedom and unity!

  1. Alvina Newell said:

    Very well said, Stacy!

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