Teenagers at NC

Our youth pastor just sent out this list of things that are going on in our student’s lives…talk about real ministry! Next time you see Kris or her youth staff, tell them how much you appreciate them. This list is a reflection of lives lived on the front lines. Thought you would appreciate the Stories of Changed Lives:

North Creek,
Incredible things are happening with the teenagers of this church! I thought it was too selfish of the youth staff to keep it to ourselves so here are the highlights! Thanks for supporting this ministry, good things are happening every week! Here’s what some students of The Difference have done in the last few months:

…written sermons about what God’s doing in her life
…given God their dating relationship
…told a coach he needs to be at youth group even if it means he won’t be a starter
…started reading her Bible
…didn’t commit suicide after planning to
…changed how she speaks on facebook
…discovered what her spiritual gifts might be
…felt called to missions
…just told her mom about being abused after years of being afraid to
…experienced how amazing it is to give money to missions
…fought pornography
…organized a fundraiser to help needy children
…gave up homosexuality
…put on a baby shower for a young homeless mom (she was so touched she came to youth church the next week!)
…had the courage to join worship team and sing in front of her peers
…chose to believe what God says about him

What a fun job I have! God is good, and this generation is amazing. Take a minute this Sunday to tell them so…you never know what that might lead to on next month’s list! Thanks for believing in them!
Pastor Kris

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