The Most Important Servant

I was talking with my coworker at the Homeless Shelter about some of the things that I have learned during our process of starting a church. It was an interesting look back over the most valuable time in my life so far. When I got home I continued the conversation with Mark, so I thought I would take some time in the next week and share some of my favorite lessons learned.

By far, the most important thing that I have learned is humility. In the backwards world of God, sometimes the more “important” you become, the less “important” you feel. Becoming lead pastor’s and having people follow us seems like we’ve now achieved something grandious. It seems that we should be prideful, but in the midst of the last three years, I have been nothing but humbled and honored that people would give so much of who they are to Mark and I’s leadership.

I watched as people’s feet literally bled to deliver thousands of door to door advertisements to get us launched. I watched dozens of people clean, paint, and build at our new building…in the freezing cold with no heat, no food, and no hot water because the budget was too tight. I watch people lead small groups, serve on Sundays, believe in children and teenagers and give their hard earned money…mostly because they serve God, but partly because they believe in what North Creek represents. Talk about humility. All of these people could be at some other church doing the same thing, but they chose us…

Humility is an interesting gift. It makes us want to serve more, give more, believe more and dream more. It makes us want to give back because we are in awe of how much someone has given to us. Humility keeps us moving. It keeps us passionate and grateful. It makes us want to succeed, not because we will get the credit, but because the people around us deserve to see success.

My goal as a leader is not to be the most important, but rather to be the best servant. That is a high goal to keep in mind because we have some of the most amazing servants in the Kingdom of God in our church. I’m honored and blessed to be in your midst.


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