Thank you, Lord!

Yesterday was a busy day in the Newell family and for North Creek!

Mike Martin (baptized in July) and Cheri Clark got married at the church. It’s not the first wedding in our North Creek family, but it was our first wedding at the bar…which looked amazing, I might add! Very classy and beautiful in the midst of our trendy setting. They are off and running in a marriage that will honor God. We will finish up pre-marital counseling with them this week. It was such a fun experience to give them tools and tips to succeed in marital bliss!

Also, Helen had her surgery yesterday, which went great! Helen put her faith and trust in God and will continue to do so for a month long recovery. Thank you to the 15+ people who offered to bring meals, clean, bring groceries, and babysit. It is nice to be in a church that tries our best to help our “family” out in tough times. One email held a lot of power!

Thank you, Lord, for being with us no matter what we face – weddings or surgeries – you are there in our midst.

See you tomorrow morning! It was a long and eventful week and I need to be with my church community.

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