I’m a fan of the Biggest Loser. What I love about the show is that everybody thinks they are doing SO much work on the treadmill and then Jillian comes to shread their pathetic egos by telling them that they have only just begun to feel pain. And do you know what happens EVERY time. They argue with her. First of all, I would not argue with that woman. She’ll hurt you. Secondly, have these people seen the show? Don’t they realize that she’s not gonna stop until you do more than you think you can? Might as well anty up and get going. The complaining isn’t going to stop the wrath of Jillian anyway.

It reminds me of a quote from Winston Churchill – “It is not enough that we do our best, sometimes we have to do what is required.” It is easy to say things like, “Well, I’ve done my best and it wasn’t good enough.” or “I did everything I could, but I fell short.” What if that wasn’t an option? What if failure isn’t on the docket? What if you had to do your best and then do MORE?

Welcome to the picture a successful person. They do all that they can and then they push themselves past that point and do what it takes to accomplish the goal. What area of your life do you need to push yourself in right now? Do you need to lose weight? Save your marriage? Fight for your children?

Guess what? Your best isn’t good enough in any of these circumstances. You’ve got to do your best and then do MORE than that. That “more” may be the very strength of God or it may be a change in your mental perspective. It may be an accountability partner or a change of environment, but whatever it takes, you’ve got to stop using “your best” as an excuse to accept failure.

Failure isn’t an option. Just call me Jillian.

  1. Darcy said:

    timely message! I’ve been thinking this same thing lately. I joined the Firstenburg Community Center’s Biggest Loser Challenge and I think this each time I’m on the treadmill and want to give up or just go a pace that is only slightly challenging.

    good message!

  2. Rachael said:

    Love it!! I am motivated “Jillian”. I am changing my ways !! Getting things done!

  3. Alvina Newell said:

    I agree! OUCH!!!!!

  4. Ellen said:

    I agree! More Faith and Trust is my goal.

  5. Carl Wilson said:

    Yes maam. I’ll read my Bible now. Daily if you say so.

  6. Tujuana said:

    Wow. This was really good.

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