The Winds of Change

Mark Batterson wrote recently “Writing is like letting someone into your brain. For better or for worse, welcome to my brain.” That is exactly how I feel about my blog. I recently said to my friend, Katie, that you can see into my heart if you read my blog. You can tell how I’m feeling, when I am struggling, what is birthing in our hearts, and if you look really closely, you can see the future of North Creek. God seems to tell the future through my keystrokes.

I felt this way a year ago. I felt the winds of change begin to blow. I felt the spirit of God prepare us for a major shift in North Creek. I couldn’t see exactly where we were going, but I was confident that the fall would bring something that looked totally different. And that’s precisely what happened. We moved in to a new building, doubled in size, God brought in new people in leadership positions, we added a second service, and we birthed an official youth ministry. We are so different from a year ago, that we are hardly recognizable.

And now here we are again. God’s breath seems to be blowing again in my heart. I sense it. I look at people and God seems to tell me that their futures are about to intersect with the destiny of our church. Something is blowing in our future.

So, that’s where Mark and I begin to pray more about what God would have us to do. We research, we think, we talk, we believe, we lose sleep, we wait, we dream, we watch out for opportunities and we navigate through the possibilities. We wade through the sense that God has put in our hearts to try and determine what it actually looks like.

This is the part of ministry that is both irritating and exhilarating at the same time. How do navigate a ship by just the whisper of the captain in your heart? If you aren’t listening, you’ll end up in the rocks. If you are listening, you’ll live an adventure that can never be matched.

Get ready for the next ride of adventure. The winds of change are blowing again.

  1. Greg Christie said:

    Thank God for your brain & your heart!
    I really enjoy reading your blog.
    Hope you & your family are enjoying a great rest…
    See you soon.


  2. Ellen said:

    thank you. so much to think about ,mull over, and mostly pray.

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