Church Highlights

Almost every Sunday I write about my highlights from North Creek. It’s the day that we all get to be together and I love it. Problem is…I’m in Montana and North Creek didn’t come to visit me this morning! Instead, Mark and I went to listen to our friend preach at Glacier Church. He is filling in while they search for a pastor. That means that my highlights today will be a little different. Some of my experience and some of what I heard from our team back home:

Being in Glacier Church was a flashback experience for me. The youth ministry that I grew up in had rented their building when I was in high school, so all of my youth group moments happened in the building that I was in today. I hadn’t been in that building in 15 years. I could remember all of the emotions of discovering Jesus as a young woman.

Worship was great. Why? Because God shows up when we praise Him. It was a completely different style and environment, but it was still my God.

Pastor Jamie did a great job preaching on the bride of Christ. My favorite point was when he told a story about a wedding that they went to where the bride never smiled. She looked horrified to be there! Can you imagine being miserable on your wedding day? We, as the bride of Christ, should express joy because it’s our “special day”. We are the bride of a King and we shouldn’t sulk around with gloom and doom. We’re about to “marry” our Lord!!!!

I heard that we had several guest this morning back home…can’t wait to meet them!

We have the most capable team in the world. I trust everyone back home to make sure the job gets done right and I’m never disappointed. We are blessed with the best.

I read Pastor Chris’ message. I can’t wait to watch it online. What a gifted man! I love how he thinks and processes scripture. I’m confident that God has a great plan for him and I sure hope that North Creek always gets to play a role in watching his dreams become a reality.

Tithing is important. You need to give 10% of your income to His storehouse and not manipulate your money. Sometimes it’s tempting to believe that you get to give 10% to whomever you decide that needs it most, but that’s not the model in the Bible. The purpose in tithing is to give up control to God. It’s good for us. That’s just a sidenote from my heart. If it hurts your feelings, go read the Bible until you feel better. Hmmm…that might be the title of my first book…

I love visiting other churches. It gives me a new perspective. Although, I will admit that I closed my eyes at one point of the service today and pictured myself back home in my cobalt blue church. I imagined Mackenzie running up to me and giving me a big hug…she’s one of the best parts of Sunday for me.

I hope you had a great Sunday! As I said on Facebook…Dorothy had it right: There is no place like home!

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