Camping is not my thing…

Well, I survived a night in the Montana wilderness with a portapotty and an old fashioned well water pump. I decided to honor my husband’s love for camping and stay in the woods for a night. The hiking and fun along the banks of the river were great, but cooking over a fire, fighting away the bees, and sleeping on the ground with two little girls were not what I call a vacation.

Nonetheless, in marriage, you not only need to do what your spouse’s like every once in a while, but you also need to have a good attitude. So, I smiled, ate steak cooked over a fire, and made the best of the situation.

That being said, I’m home. My laundry is swishing away in the background, a warm cup of coffee is in my hand, and the kids are running in the backyard. I’m back in “my world” with the people and surroundings that make me most comfortable. And I’m so glad to be here. I love the life that God has given me and I’m glad to be back in the thick of it.


  1. kris said:

    glad I get to be a part of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE the new look of your blog, too…..glad you’re back!

  2. Rachael said:

    I can very much relate to this post. I enjoy camping…but mostly for my kids. I enjoy visiting Montana but mostly for my husband’s sake. So I travel 990 miles to please and honor my husband! Thanks Stacy for reminding me of the right attitude! Love you!

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