Roosevelt Hunter

There are many leaders that have invested into my life over the last 20 years of Christianity. Some have spent years with me, challenging me, growing me, shaping me. Others have moments with me that last forever. I still remember a speaker named Johnny Jernigan speaking prophetically about my future. We were years away from starting a church. I had never even had the thought of it yet, but he said something along the lines about how I was busy doing ministry right now, but in the future, I would have a ministry of creativity and it wouldn’t be just about busy work. I think he was speaking of North Creek, but maybe that prophecy still has a foot in my future…who knows? Nonetheless, I have held on to his words for many years.

Another speaker who graced my path every once in a while was Roosevelt Hunter. He lived life to the fullest. I think the most important thing that Roosevelt taught me was to let your passion for Christ pour out of you at every minute. His voice is flowing from my computer right now as I listen to one of the messages he spoke in June. You can feel the desperation in his voice to communicate the gospel. It challenges me to stir up that passion every day!

On Aug. 10, Roosevelt lost his life to colon cancer at the age of 46. Although his impact on my life was via a stage, I still feel a loss in my heart. A great man of God is no longer out there working towards the same goal that I have. He leaves behind a wife and two beautiful kids. He also leaves behind an incredible legacy.

I don’t understand why some people live long lives and some seem to be cut short. I find it very difficult to navigate in my own heart some days. However, what I learn from death is this: LIVE. Live without fear and with great ambition. Spend your time wisely and tell people how much you love them…a lot. Thank you, Roosevelt, for living with purpose. Your life was a blessing to many and we are grateful for your influence.

“There are some people, who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.”
— Douglas Everett


  1. Maria said:

    I loved to see this pastor preaching on TV. He was a greater man of God!

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