Way to go, Pastor Kim!

Sundays come altogether too quickly these days! Here are this week’s high points:

First of all, I got my weekly hug from Mackenzie – extra tight this week with her feet completely off of the ground! No matter what else happens in a day, a kid can make it all worth while!

My daughter, Kennedy, had a good attitude at church this morning. Good thing. After a week of fitful disobedience I was about to begin negotiations for boarding school. I love three year olds, but I’m also pretty sure that God created them to test your willpower at times. How can something be so adorable and so challenging at the same time? I know in my heart that she will be a world changer…after all, she’s certainly changing my world…

Kim Goodrich, our children’s pastor, preached this morning. She did a fabulous job telling about Moses and how it related to her personal story. We serve a God of second chances. The reality is that even if we have blown it BIG time, He still has a plan for us. Period. You are still useful in the Kingdom of God.

Had a great conversation with Kurt and Heather this morning. I really like them. They have a 5 year old and a 3 year old (Happy Birthday, Lauren!), which is just what I have, so we obviously have a lot in common. When you meet some people, you just like them right away. They are some of those people.

The church took an offering last week to bless Mark and I with some vacation cash. That was cool! It’s funny because I really feel like God has been working on my heart about being better at receiving gifts. I tend to want to sacrifice any luxuries in order not to burden anyone. Not necessarily a bad trait, but I take it too far by not enjoying what is given to me. I’ve been growing in that area all summer. So, even though I want to use the money to pay bills, I won’t. I promise. Kris said we have to use it for vacation, but Mark wanted to know if a 40″ inch flat panel television counts as a vacation??? I suppose it would if we watched the travel channel…ha ha ha! Admit it, you laughed out loud.

The Little Adventurer door fell off it’s hinges today. Not totatlly, but it’s well on it’s way. I love our old building. It cracks me up. Things just randomly fall apart. On one hand, I want to scream. On the other, it adds to the charm.

Katie’s dad is in the ICU this morning with a heart attack. We are praying, Katie! We love you and believe that you are a gift from God to this church family.

And another Sunday morning has flown by with great gusto. Next week Mark is finally back in the pulpit after 5 weeks off. I am very excited to have him back in the saddle again. It’s going to be a great week!

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