They’re Both in the Bible

I loved this blog by Pastor Steven Furtick. He planted a church the same year that we started North Creek, so we’ll be on the same yearbook page in Heaven…hope you enjoy this blog.

They’re Both in the Bible
February 1st, 2010

One thing that is becoming more apparent to me in this rapid read through the New Testament is the breadth of perspective the Bible contains. When you hunt through the Scriptures for specific passages to support your theological or philosophical position, it’s easy to come away with some pretty exaggerated extremes. But when you read through the Bible at a lightning fast pace, you begin to appreciate the depth of the wisdom of God instead of skimming the surface of selected texts, or exaggerated viewpoints.

For example, if you only study certain parts of the New Testament, you could find ample support for the position that since we are saved through grace alone, our own works mean nothing. And that’s true in the context of our salvation and right standing before God.

However, if you only study other parts of the Bible, you could come to the conclusion that if there are no works to accompany our profession of salvation, we aren’t truly saved. And that’s true too-in the context of our response to the grace of Jesus.

I guess what I’m trying to say is-when you really read the Bible, and consider some of the theological extremes that divide people in the body of Christ, you discover that they’re both in the Bible.

The sovereignty of God…
and the free will of man.
They’re both in the Bible.

God’s promise to prosper and bless His children…
and the certainty of hardship and suffering in the life of a believer.
They’re both in the Bible.

The mandate to preach the Gospel…
and the responsibility to care for the poor.
They’re both in the Bible.

The body of Christ would be so much more united and the people of God would be so much better equipped for life if we’d read the whole Word of God with humble hearts and open minds.

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