What I Am Most Ashamed Of

Have you ever asked yourself what you wish you could take back? Here’s mine…I wish I could take back every negative or complaining word that I ever thought or said about the church…not our church, THE church. It’s so easy to find negatives and speak them. We’re justified, aren’t we? Or we’re just “solving a problem by bringing it to someone’s attention”.

I’m the guiltiest party out there, so don’t be offended if you feel like I’m talking about you…I’m not, that’s just God’s conviction in your heart! In fact, I wrote this a LONG time before you’re reading it so that my blog would post by itself while I’m on the Missions Trip.

I’m talking about me, but I do wonder what God’s church would look like if no Christian ever allowed a harsh word about it out of their mouths? What if it was the worst sin? What if it was the forbidden thing because God’s church was SO holy and important to Him that we should NEVER speak in such a way that would tear any part of it down…even a little?

I would give anything to go back and erase my words from the past. I am completely confident that I could still have accomplished all that I have and gotten to where we’ve gotten by only speaking positively about God’s church over the last 25 years. It is a lie to believe that we have to point out the bad in order to change it to the good. Telling someone they are fat doesn’t motivate them to get thin…in fact, in most cases it makes them eat a bag of doritoes while they watch the Biggest Loser and cry. Motivation comes through inspiration…not complaining and grumbling!

I rarely (if ever) speak negatively about North Creek…why? Because it is SO important to me that I don’t dare utter a word that would hurt it. I’m literally afraid of unleashing my words into the air because I think they will become solid when spoken and damage the foundation that we’ve created. Now I get it. Now I see so clearly how much God LOVES His church…His bride. Faults or not, I have no place to ridicule something that gets my God’s heart to beat fast.

  1. Tonya Hansen said:

    VERY VERY WELL SPOKEN, and it takes practice practice practice in thinking differently & positive thoughts on purpose in order to speak positive & encouraging words instead of what comes easily & naturally (and that is complaints & grumbling)

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