Our Free Day in Ensenada

On Sunday we enjoyed a day out in Ensenada. We started with lunch, which was AMAZING! I had a chili rellano that I wish I could replicate in Vancouver. SO GOOD!

We then took to street shopping so that we could all get gifts for our families. The street market was lined with all sorts of carts and “stores” that were selling a variety of things. There were wheelbarrows full of candies with young children ragging flies off of their goods. There was an outdoor fish market that resembled Pike’s Place in Seattle, except small and a very low ceiling. The Mexican vendors would negotiate and coax you into jewelry, carvings, and hammocks.

It was obvious that the “gringos” were a hot target, but it didn’t bother us at all. We bought frivolously as gifts were just a few dollars and the experience was priceless.

We also navigated Home Depot and Walmart, which was a vastly different experience than our own stores. At Home Depot, the men in town lined the TV’s in the store to watch the World Cup. They sell some things that we do, but basic construction equipment, such as a level, aren’t available.

Walmart was stocked to the brim with clothing, but the curtain isle was scantily clad with a few mismatched items that were way overpriced from our own stores.

We headed back to the Orphanage, where dinner, relaxing, and a Skype call to my daughters occurred. It was Delaney’s 6th birthday and to see their little faces meant the world to me.

All in all, our “day off” was pretty fun and as usual, quite an experience.

Here’s a picture of beautiful Yasmin, all dressed up and ready for church! She is a sweet girl who threw her arms around me one day to thank us for fixing their tire swing.

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