Work Projects

We came on this trip to get some things done for the Orphanage. When I saw the list of projects, I thought, “With 15 people…no problem!” Back in Vancouver, work projects are my specialty. North Creek has hurdled mountains of work in just days with a team of people. We’ve renovated buildings, painted, delivered advertisements, and the list goes on and on…

Let’s just say, it’s different here. I’ve been making screens for the majority of my time here and there are only about 20 screens. It’s taken several of us days of working together to accomplish what would be one day’s work in the states. There are no materials that make easy screens, so you’ve got to put creativity and a ton of energy into the process. And then, because of the issues we run into with an older building, it seems like there are endless treks across the Orphanage campus to get one little tool that will retro-fit the latest creation into the window.

It’s really difficult to explain unless you are here, but projects are a bit more complicated than I ever imagined that they would be. The good news is that the boys and girls’ bedrooms and the nursery all have beautiful screens on the windows to let the cool night air in after a long hot day, but keep the bugs away from those beautiful little faces.

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