Who made up these rules?

What I love most about North Creek is that we filter everything through the Bible.  If it’s in there, we better figure out why and what we’re supposed to do with it.  For example, we chose the model of baptism because it is just like the Bible baptized people.  You make a decision to follow Jesus, you go under the water.  Simple as that.

So, where did other religions come up with baptizing infants?  For example, I was just having a conversation with my Catholic friend about why they baptize infants and then have teenagers go through a confirmation.  It all sounded good.  They dedicate the babies to the Lord by baptizing them, then they train their children through confirmation as young adults so that they can make the educated decision to serve God as adults.  Sounds logical.  And for a moment I was even satisfied with her answer. 

But it just kept eating at me. 

That’s not what Jesus asked us to do. 

Through the process of North Creek, we’ve really tried to ask ourselves as a team, “What are we doing out of tradition and what are we doing because it’s Biblically mandated?”  If it’s tradition, then it’s flexible.  If it’s Biblically mandated, then we need to fight to incorporate it somewhere in our big picture.  If our traditions are contrary to the purpose of the Biblical mandates, then they need to be cast out all together. 

It’s a challenge for me personally and one that I pass on to you.  What are you doing just to do it and what did Jesus ask you to do?

  1. Jamie said:

    This is a great point! In the South there are alot of “traditions” in the church that really dont serve a purpose, or if they do, the effects are really limited to just regular church-goers. Ive been challenged in my time here to truly use the Bible to help me define the difference between religious traditions and what is truly a scriptural requirement for my life. Leaving out the things that just dont matter definitely lifts the burden to be the “model” christian, and allows us to just love and obey Jesus.

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