Ridiculous Generosity!

When you decide to start a church, the Assemblies of God in Washington sends you to three training weekends where you hash out what you are doing and why.  As we sat there dreaming about who we wanted to be, we talked often about being a church that gives and gives and gives.

In one of our conversations we laughed so hard because somebody was helping us out and Jeff said, “We’re going to buy you a Starbucks…not just a cup, a franchise.”  And that became the mantra for who we are. 

We want to be “that” church who rebuilds somebody’s house when it’s falling down or pays off a hospital bill for someone who is in need.  We want to be ridiculously generous and break the old adage that the church just takes your money.

So, needless to say, we’re not at the place as a young church where we can rebuild a house, but that’s not stopping us from our core value.  Our small groups have repainted an apartment, taken food to the homeless, blessed a teenager whose mother died of cancer, given money, time, and resources in so many ways that we cannot begin to list them all…

I’m really proud of the giving spirit that is embraced by North Creek.  We have no problem getting volunteers to help out in church and in ministries outside of our four walls.  We are no where near the dreams that I have for the future of our church, but I know that we’ll get there. 

So, thank you to those of you who do give so much, both financially and with your other resources.  We hope that you are proud of how we distribute your giving to bless this community!

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