Why I Hate Church Bulletin Boards and Other Irrelevant Things…

Since the inception of North Creek five years ago, I have been asked one question more than any other. “Why don’t we have a church bulletin board?” For years I have sufficed to say, “Because we don’t want one.” But now I have gained a hilarious reputation for not wanting bulletin boards in our church. I am so frequently asked about this topic, to the point of now being teased about it, so I thought I would give my not-so-spiritual response to a not-so-spiritual issue.

For those of you who go to great churches who happen to have bulletin boards, just know that I do believe God can still work regardless of your feelings about church bulletin boards. That being said, God put us over making the little decisions that make up North Creek and I will stand by my insidious dislike of the things. Here are my very profound (and hopefully quite funny) reasons:

1. Most church bulletin boards are where information goes to die.
2. They are esthetically tacky. Tacky. Tacky. Tacky. No pun intended with literal tacs.
3. Pastors let you put things on church bulletin boards that have no relevance to the mission or vision of the church because they are afraid to offend you. Ok. That wasn’t so funny. That was just the truth and the truth hurts.
4. No one under the age of 30 reads church bulletin boards. They use things like Facebook, Twitter, Email, and a litany of other cyber-space boards. They really don’t get paper and push pins.
5. Did I mention they are tacky?
6. No one over the age of 30 reads church bulletin boards more than once. They are one of those church requirements that nobody notices after the first week they go up.
7. We don’t have a secretary, so who would put the “Approved by the Church Office” stamp on all of the flyers?
8. Paper turns yellow and betrays the fact that the bulletin board has been ignored for so long that babies from your nursery have now graduated from high school and their birth announcement is still posted.
9. Yes, someone can probably point to some story that makes church bulletin boards relevant and important, but I’ll take my chances, if you don’t mind.
10. We are rebellious pastors towards traditional church stuff such as bulletin boards, donation cups for our “free” coffee, and anything that resembles a silk flower. This flagrant disregard for our heritage does not mean that we care any less about people, events, and our community. We may not have a bulletin board, but we are lead pastors that call you by name and attend everything in our community that we can get to.

Now, on a serious note, we will always fight to stay focused on the main thing. Let’s LOVE people. Deeply, truly, graciously, generously, and with abandon. Nothing else will solve the problems of the American Church. The Church, as a whole, has a long history of caring too much about bulletin boards, carpet color, and programs. If you know anything about North Creek, we’ve committed to stay focused on what truly matters. Now put that on your church bulletin board…

And I send my love to the multitudes of you who have asked me why we don’t have a church bulletin board! Tease me all you want!

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