October 30 Highlights

Being a part of a church community is the best part of my life! I find immense joy in the faces I see on Sunday and throughout the week, knowing that together we are all working to make each other better people. I fully understand why God loves the church so much. It’s His opportunity to make us face who we are and be encouraged when we fall short.

This weekend was BUSY! We have grown by an average of 32 people in the last eight weeks, so it’s a process of assimilating and getting to know a lot of people at one time. Super fun!

Our board voted to get a new electronic kid’s checkin system, so that will be coming soon! It should help us to know names, parents, and pertinent details (like allergies) on a more efficient basis. We are pretty excited!

I like the fact that we have teenagers all over the place constantly. It makes me giggle! There was such a mass of them in between services that they blocked the main walkway in the foyer. I asked them to move and it was like watching the Red Sea part! I’m so glad they see North Creek as family.

One of my favorite things to do on Sundays is to seek out Grandma Dix and give her a hug. She’s in her nineties and when you ask her how she’s doing, she says, “Well, I’m still alive!” She likes our music because she can hear it…priceless! She told me once that she’s still here because God must have a plan for her life. Yep, He sure does. You’re never to old to discover something new that God has for you!

Make sure that you vote this week! I am a big proponent of using your vote. We live in a free country and we need to be thankful for that! I’m not into which party you vote for, but I do encourage you to vote Biblically. Find out the issues, pray, seek out Scripture, and vote whatever you feel like Jesus would vote.

Mark spoke on God’s plan for our money this Sunday! I have to tell you that I love giving money to His church. I see the heart, the sacrifice and the passion in our team and I know what the number is on their paycheck (or their imaginary paycheck, since most of them work for free). I also hear our board talk about generosity in and outside of our church and get excited! Their hearts are priceless and it makes me want to shove money in their pockets. But that would be awkward.

Carrying a lot of burdens for people this week in prayer. Please pray for the people of North Creek to have wisdom, be blessed, and to have divine God-moments.

Here’s my challenge of the day: Pray for the Holy Spirit to convict you of sin this week. Should be fun!

Thanks for listening to my Sunday rants! Have a great week!

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