Missions Trip 2012!

North Creek is leaving the country in 2012! We are in full swing as we prepare for our missions trip 2012 to the Dominican Republic. We currently support missionaries, Jamie and Berly Bello, who work with teenagers in the DR. So, we will be spending seven days helping them with ANYTHING that they need to make their ministry and outreach easier, more reaching, and more impactful. Sometimes making a difference means using your mouth and sometimes it means using a toilet brush! Whatever the challenge – we are up for it!

If you are interested in a truly life changing trip, you can click on the green link below to see the PDF flyer. This trip is designed for adults and teenagers, although junior high students must be accompanied by a parent, so you will need to plan for that.

If you are fairly sure about pursuing this, I encourage you to email Vanessa Thalhofer at vanessa@coffeechurch.com to tell her you are interested! That is not an official sign up, but it will start the ball rolling. However, the first down payment is due January 1, so we encourage you to decide quickly. By the way, we offer North Creek Gift Vouchers that you can purchase for Christmas gifts to help a loved one get to the DR!

I am a big fan of missions trips and exposing your heart to people who come from a different culture and perspective. I am also a big believer in the fact that you make time and money for what is important to you. Don’t the money determine your reality, but rather get a plan for earning/raising the funds to make this trip happen. It’ll change your life.


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