July 17 Coffee Church Highlights

2016-07-15 18.56.35Congrats to Nate and Jessica on getting MARRIED!!!!!!  We started the weekend watching these incredible people commit to spending the rest of their lives together.  It has been such an awesome summer to watch two couples in our church choose to have God-honoring relationships as they walked in purity and respect for each other and their families.  That’s the way to do it, young people!  When the world tells you that living together outside of marriage is OK, it’s not!  Honor Him and He will honor your marriage!

Our kids arrived home on Friday from Summer Camp.  They had a GREAT week full of fun and Jesus moments.  Thank you to Mark and Andrea for spending a week with our kids.  Your investment will have lifelong benefits to these young lives.  I met Jesus at Kid’s Camp, so I know firsthand the impact one week can have!  There is no better investment into the lives of our children than a consistent attendance at church and summer camp.  It creates amazing friendships and a strong foundation of how to follow Christ.

We still have Deaf Family Camp just around the corner, so continue to pray for that as well!

We had our second week of our Throwback series where we are revisiting core principles of Christianity.  To add in a touch of fun our band is playing some songs from the 90’s (yeah, that’s Throwback..weren’t the 90’s like YESTERDAY!?!?!).  This week was a song mashup of lots of oldies.  Did you enjoy watching Chris Harold rap to DC Talk???  Definitely something I’ll remember until my death!

Mark your calendars for Latin Night on August 14.  We’ll be having a Latin inspired potluck with a ton of great food and conversation!  More info coming soon!

We would love for you to volunteer on Sundays with us.  It is the best way to meet other people and be a part of North Creek.  You can find the form at www.coffeechurch.com.

2016-07-17 09.41.07On an exciting note I turned 40 on Sunday!  It was so much fun to celebrate with my church family.  Thank you to everybody for the wishes, the cards, and the hugs!  When I was born, my mother’s best friend gave birth to my first best friend just nine days later and right next door.  She moved to Vancouver from Phoenix about six weeks ago, so on Sunday morning we took a picture together as we have celebrated every birthday together for the last 40 years.  Happy ALMOST Birthday, Robin!  

I love doing life with people.  Sign up for a Growth Group this fall when it comes around.  Or invite some “strangers” to lunch after church.  Or set up a coffee date with someone and ask them what their story is.  You’ll never be fulfilled in life playing it safe in relationships.  Dive in and love people with abandon!  It’s messy, it’s challenging on the schedule, and it’s SO worth it!

Well, Church, I love you!  I love the ups, the downs, the lessons, and the leaps that we all take together.  God is faithful in all of it and I wouldn’t choose another life for anything.  Thank you for showing me God’s love as we walk down this path side by side.  Here’s to another 40 years of seeing what He has in store for me!  I can’t wait!

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