May 22 Coffee Church Highlights

Sunday was the final sermon in our series about parenting.  It was a very important look at our character, integrity and how they can be passed along to our family.  If you missed any of our sermons, you can catch them online at

Our men had a phenomenal time at the Men’s Conference last weekend.  They enjoyed the games, the food, and the speakers, as well as the time together.  Plan to join our men next May if you couldn’t make it this year!

Are you still giving to 12for12 for our missions giving?  Our missionaries depend on our faithful giving to continue their work around the world.  You can give online or on Sunday mornings.  If you’d like to jump in to giving to our missionaries, we are asking for a $12 commitment a month for 12 months.

We are gearing up for camp this year for our children and youth.  If you need camp info, email for Kid’s Camp or for Youth Camp.  We want to help EVERY child get to camp, so don’t let money be a determining factor for you.  We have work and scholarship opportunities for our young people to help themselves.  We always have students who just need some of the money simply handed to them due to extenuating circumstances, so if you are able to give a scholarship, please do.  We use that money to make sure no kid is left behind.  North Creek puts a HIGH value on camp and the impact it can have on people’s future.

How’s your Bible reading?  There is no way to develop your faith successfully without a consistent plan for reading the Bible.  Here’s my challenge for you:  Read one chapter a day every day with a plan.  You can create a plan at

Would you come 15 minutes early to church?  That’s our valuable time to be together as a church and connect.  We LOVE to see you and spend time checking in with you.

Are you ready to get involved in one of our ministries?  The fastest way to make friends and feel like a part is to volunteer on a Sunday morning.  You can fill out a volunteer form on our website and we’ll get you plugged in.

We will be kicking off our new series this week on the book of Hebrews.  It is a rich book, filled with faith, and is sure to teach you some amazing things over the next month and a half.  Be sure to read through Hebrews so you are ready for God to speak to you!

I’m praying for you!  I know this world throws some curve balls, but God is faithful to help us through those circumstances.  The old kid’s song is true:  He’s got the whole world in His hands…including you!  Invite a friend to church to experience that love with you!

We love you, North Creek!

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